Want To Adopt A Horse? Read This First

We all love the idea of having animals in our lives, and feel enraged to see animals in dangerous living conditions; we adopt these animals into our homes and lives, thinking, “anywhere else is better than their current situation” and “I could provide a better home”. But unfortunately, the large majority of adopting families have no idea of the level of commitment needed to provide a safe, and happy home for these animals. Adopting families do not understand the level of commitment required of them because it takes effort to obtain the information, and adoption organizations don’t provide a comprehensive breakdown/schedule.

Each year, Equine Guelph aims to educate the public and equine industry members on various topics. 2013, for example, has been about recognizing, treating, and preventing colic; in 2014, Equine Guelph will be launching their Equine Welfare program, targeting coaches, commercial and non-profit organizations, and medical and industry professionals to help the campaign reach as many current and future Canadian horse people as possible.

When Gayle Ecker first told me about this program, I thought, “why hasn’t this been done before?” There are so many people that want to adopt and keep horses in their backyard, but don’t realize just what horses need. Equine Guelph’s plans for yearly campaigns on important topics in the equine industry are brilliant and necessary. Gayle mentioned to me that “everyone wants to work in the horse industry, but never on the horse industry”. This is so true; there are so many issues holding the horse industry back from growing and thriving more. And the first place to start, is with education.

This post has been re-posted here at TheNerdyAg.wordpress.com, initially published by the same author at a different URL.   Original Posting Date: December 1, 2013


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