The Agriculture Awareness Initiative

When thinking of Saskatchewan, the colour yellow and wheat come to mind, but not much else. Most people wouldn’t know that Saskatchewan is Canada’s top agri-food exporting province, or many other highly-distinguishing agricultural facts about the province (let alone about Canada). Most people also don’t take the time to learn about the complexity and role of agriculture, and making agriculture a more prominent staple in our lives. The problem with understanding agriculture and increasing awareness for the industry is it’s a life-long learning process, not a quick tutorial.

In April 2013, the Saskatchewan government announced their new Agriculture Awareness Initiative, aimed at promoting agricultural careers and education. This initiative helps Saskatchewan organizations and businesses with new programs/campaigns through funding of new promotional resources, conferences and workshops. And recently on October 22, Saskatchewan government announced additional funding for the project. Programs like Adopt A Rancher, as well as events and attractions such as the Canadian Western Agribition and Saskatchewan Science Center will all benefit from the initiative’s funding.

More provinces should implement a program like the Agriculture Awareness Initiative; more people every day are becoming concerned with the environment around them, and what they are eating. It’s important that the public receive the facts, understand the processes, and incorporate agriculture more into their lives.  Events such as Agriculture: A Bright Idea youth conference and the Pacific Agriculture Show would help expose the masses to agriculture. By creating involvement programs that reach out to schools and businesses, Canadian events and organizations would help reach new demographics and foster the desire to actively bring agriculture into peoples’ lifestyles.

This post has been re-posted here at, initially published by the same author at a different URL.   Original Posting Date: November 3, 2013


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