“Ag in Canadian Provinces” vs. “Ag in Canada”

What do you think of when someone asks, “What do you know about Agriculture in Canada”?  You’d probably respond, “British Columbia produces the most seafood”, and “Saskatchewan produces the most crops” and so on. When asked about Ag events in Canada, you might mention how the Royal Fair is Ontario’s biggest Ag event (let alone one of Canada’s), and then remark on your province’s event being the best though.

But every Canadian Ag event is a great opportunity to share ideas, knowledge, and products with the local communities and nation alike.

While researching for these blog posts, I’ve noticed a pattern: each province boasts about their production/etc statistics, and how important that particular province is crucial to the country’s success in the Ag industry. Rarely (if ever) are there details about inter-province collaborations.

I’d like to see more of provinces working together to achieve success and awareness. We should see headlines/event booths/farmers/etc: explaining how specific Saskatchewan grain and Alberta cattle farms are creating symbiotic partnerships; Ontario university students collaborating to create educational events/programs to get more Quebec youth into Ag; Agriculture Exchange Programs across all provinces, both for kids with and without Ag backgrounds.

Inter-province partnerships are key to bringing the country together to create a thriving and passionate industry. People don’t feel very motivated to aid others when they don’t have personal interest invested (a sad truth). Imagine getting, for example, Manitobans to discover cheaper, efficient ways to farm and fish in Northwest-Territories. No more focus on inter-province competition; let’s focus on helping each province contribute to the Ag industry the best they can, and celebrating these collaborative achievements.

This post has been re-posted here at TheNerdyAg.wordpress.com, initially published by the same author at a different URL.   Original Posting Date: November 17, 2013


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